Lent – considering a life on Loan


Dethroning Mammon’ is the title of a book written by a former Dean of Liverpool Cathedral – Justin Welby. Themes from his book are being explored in the regular series of Sunday Service and Daily Service programmes that are on BBC Radio 4 this Lent.

Rather than giving something up for Lent why not take up a disciple of daily devotion.

You can listen to the programmes live on Radio 4  Long Wave  (198 LW) and Radio 4 DAB (on your digital radio or TV).

The Sunday Service on Sundays  at 8.10am

The Daily Service on weekday mornings at 9.45am

You can listen ANY TIME of your choosing using your phone or tablet (using iPlayer app), or on your computer or laptop by going to the website of BBC Radio 4 and searching for The Daily Service.

The BBC have produced some basic study material which is available on their Daily Service web site. It can be used by individuals or as part of a small group. Here at Dovedale we will meet up each week to share our reflections, thoughts and prayers.